‘Black Activists’ Smug About 9 Waco Bikers Killing Each Other, Not About 16 Black-on-Black Murders Today

Black activists are out in force on Twitter, telling us all that cops would have shot down the biker gangs in Waco, Texas today if they were black:

Right. Except according to reports some of those gang members were Mexican. And nine died, possibly some from police shooting back at them after they shot at police. So why are these idiots trying to claim that cops only kill blacks? This is idiotic.

But the really annoying thing is the fact that on average, every day there are SIXTEEN blacks that are murdered by other blacks. SO if you count up all the deaths (so far) from the white and Hispanic biker gang shootout, it’s still falls short of the death count on blacks from their own community. Now how many times do white and Hispanic biker gangs have a shoot out with 9 fatalities? The black on black murder rate is sixteen every damn day.

But these idiots want to focus on some stupid race narrative:


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