Here’s a Bunch of Illegals Angry at Hillary’s Secret Service For Asking Their Legal Status!

Here’s a video from illegal alien advocates that kinda explains why so many Americans are annoyed at the attitude from some illegal aliens. In it a bunch of “Dreamers,” or those that received special asylum from Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty order, get annoyed at Hillary’s Secret Service detail.

Watch below:

You can see how angry they get that the agents would even ask of their status, but if they’re admitting they were illegal aliens by identifying themselves as “Dreamers” why is that a bad question? That’s the problem with having rampant illegal immigration without ANY deportation – anyone can be suspect because there’s so many illegals in America, they could be anyone. But worse than this is the attitude of indignant entitlement. If they just got their papers shouldn’t they be proud to show them? In fact, isn’t the damn point of having papers??!! They were undocumented and now they’re documented but they don’t want to prove their documentation?!

On top of all that the dude can barely speak English!!! Wasn’t the point of the “Dream Act” that these are supposed to be kids of illegals that were raised here and “in every other respect are just like Americans”? He actually demands of the Secret Service officer, “how am I supposed to answer that question, yes or no?” Yes, actually, dumbass, the simple answer to that question is yes if you’re here legally, and NO if you’re here illegally. Pathetic.

To add insult to injury, the video says that the Secret Service acted “illegally” by asking their immigration status. Weird how it’s OK to enter the country illegally, but it’s not OK to even ASK an illegal if they’re here illegally?

What a world Obama has created for Americans.

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