DOJ Grant Investigating Online ‘Extremism’ Targets Right-Wing Forums MORE Than ISLAMIST Sites!!

It is just amazing that the federal government continues to focus more on targeting its political enemies than the terrorist extremists that want to behead us all. It makes sense if you consider that under Obama the government cares more about consolidating its power than protecting the citizenry.

From the Free Beacon:

The Department of Justice is concentrating on “far-right” groups in a new study of social media usage aimed at combatting violent extremism.

The Justice Department’s National Institute of Justice (NIJ) awarded Michigan State University $585,719 for the study, which was praised by Eric Holder, the former attorney general, earlier this year.

“There is currently limited knowledge of the role of technology and computer mediated communications (CMCs), such as Facebook and Twitter, in the dissemination of messages that promote extremist agendas and radicalize individuals to violence,” according to the NIJ grant. “The proposed study will address this gap through a series of qualitative and quantitative analyses of posts from various forms of CMC used by members of both the far-right and Islamic extremist movements.”

But here’s the most important part:

The study draws more upon right-wing forums than upon the corners of the web inhabited by Islamist extremists.

“We will collect posts made in four active forums used by members of the far-right and three from the Islamic Extremist community, as well as posts made in Facebook, LiveJournal, Twitter, YouTube, and Pastebin accounts used by members of each movement,” the grant said.

Not only is the incompetent government spending money for “researchers” to read tweets, but they’re wasting their efforts on targeting right-wingers instead of focusing on the real threat of Islamist terrorists.

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