More Deleted Evidence of CAIR’s Official Accused of Child Rape

Now I doubt that the media will be as happy to cover this story as they gleefully enjoyed that of Josh Duggar, because they really enjoy hating Christians. A CAIR official being caught trying to have sex from a 12-year-old will probably be ignored. Especially as his pals spent so much time trying to scrub the internet of his presence. Here’s what I scrape back:

He posted on Facebook this message and image that has since been deleted:

ahmad saleem facebook

ahmad saleem facebook - image

He ran a website as well, and sold Muslim curriculum:

saleen academy website

And a YouTube page from the Saleen Academy that has had all videos deleted:

saleen youtube

And awfully, here’s a “Muslim Youth” event he hosted:

ahmad saleen event holler

And here’s his profile scrubbed from some sort of tutoring service:

ahmad saleem udemy

Of course, even though CAIR deleted this biography of the accused pedophile, they couldn’t get rid of this video of him at a press conference they held announcing that they would sue the FBI. Just tons of awkwardness all over the place.

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