‘Black Twitter Wants BLOOD!’ – Online Activists Force Bank of America to Respond to McKinney Controversy

Y’know sometimes you just can’t wait for “due process” and “law enforcement” for justice! Sometimes you gotta take things into your own hands! That’s exactly what “black twitter” is doing to a person accused of beginning the McKinney pool party altercation with racial slurs.

“Black Twitter” is what people call tweets by African-Americans that often tackle issues far afield from the rest of Twitter. They’re demanding Bank of America fire Tracey Carver-Albritton based on witnesses who say she started the fight before cops showed up at McKinney.

Today, Bank of America responded via Twitter:


Here are some of the ragey idiots:


Sorry B of A, you just lost the multi-million dollar account of Felisa.


Has ten times as many Twitter followers as dollars she has in a bank.

Isn’t “thug” a racist word?!??!

Now look it would be one thing if there was video tape evidence of her doing it. Right now all we have are the word of witnesses who have an incentive to put the blame on someone else. But then facts never stop a blood-thirsty idiotic Twitter mob.

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