Thanks Ann Coulter You’ve Sunk to Joe Biden Level Racist Stupidity

Ann Coulter just about invalidated all her arguments and her entire existence when she went on Kennedy’s show on Fox News Business and said just about the stupidest thing you could say about Nikki Haley, the Governor of South Carolina.

Watch below:

WOW. What’s the worse possibility – that Ann Coulter called Nikki Haley an immigrant when she was born in South Carolina by accident, or that she did it on purpose to get attention? Either way, that was embarrassing and just gives our enemies more ammunition to attack us and call us racist.

I’ve listened to her talking about immigration and I think she gets a lot right, and a lot wrong, but being a complete idiot in this way doesn’t help her get her ideas out, and severely hurts the conservative movement.

Thanks a lot, Ann Coulter, you’ve sunk to Joe Biden level racist stupidity.

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