‘Finish The Plan to Kill Slave-Masters And Their Families!’ – Black Panther Leader in Charleston

Black Panther leader Malik Shabazz shouted, “let this cracker hear ya!” after calling for blacks to rise up and kill all the white slave-masters and their “g*dd*mn” families.

Watch below:

He also screamed out, “we don’t forgive nobody!” in rejection of the statement from the families of the victims who showed Christian mercy and forgave the shooter.

Apparently Shabazz hasn’t found out that nobody owns slaves in Charleston anymore, or in America really. In fact, if you want to kill all the “slave-masters” you need to join up with the Kurds and kill you some ISIS terrorists.

I dunno.. seems to me that actively calling to kill people might be more of an incitement to violence than a flag.

[h/t breitbart]
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