Popular Mexican Band Calls Trump a ‘Son of a B&%$#’ in Spanish at Houston Concert

A very popular Mexican band named Maná went political while on stage and preached against hatred and ignorance, and then insulted Donald Trump’s mom. Because that’s not hateful or ignorant at all:

The show then took a political turn. “We are wholly against ignorance, hate, and racism,” declared Olvera. “This guy, Donald Trump, has acted very badly against us, the hardworking Mexicans and other Latinos in this country. Just remember that there are 50 million of us, and your vote counts!”

What followed was the first goosebump-inducing moment I’ve felt at a concert in a very long time. The band covered “Somos Mas Americanos” by Los Tigres del Norte, which includes the following lyrics:

Quiero recordarle al gringo: Yo no cruce la frontera, la frontera me cruzo.
America nacio libre, el hombre la dividio.

(I’d like to remind the gringo: I didn’t cross the border, the border crossed me.
America was born free, mankind divided it.)

Now this is all a bunch of BS of course, because they’re not whining about the border imposed on the South, against the Guatemalans. In fact, there is a LOT of racism against indigenous people in Mexico, and against Guatemalan and other Central American illegal immigrants. But the United States is a much greater target and it’s much more fashionable to speak out against us.

And even further, Trump has made it very clear since then that he was talking about illegal aliens, not all Mexicans, and that he was simply saying some are rapists and some are murderers. This is irrefutably true. In fact, Trump has gone out of his way to say how great the Mexican people are, and how much he likes Mexicans in general. He mostly speaks out against the Mexican government.

Just to be especially classy, Maná ended with this:

“Gracias a todos!” shouted Olvera as the show came to a finale. “Y que chiga su madre Donald Trump!”

I assume the writer made a mistake and intended “chinga,” which would translate to “f**k your mother, Donald Trump. And this isn’t the first time they’ve made such statements – last month they compared Trump to Hitler. 

Full disclosure: I actually like their music, like this awesome cover:

…but their politics are ignorant and stupid. Don’t judge me and pretend you love the politics of all your favorite bands…

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