If Shaun King Is Really White Then These Past Tweets Are REALLY WEIRD

For a few weeks now there has been a topic of debate online about whether Shaun King, the outspoken “black lives matter” activist, is a FAKE black guy. Today the story BLEW UP with new accusations.

And if they’re right, and he really is white, then this tweet about his half black son seems a little… awkward:

Hmmm. Seems problematic, even if he were actually mixed and his son was 3/4 black. The math is getting difficult.

Then there’s this one:

Is he denying it here? No clue. In any case, now he’s absolutely declaring that he’s biracial. And he’s denying the new facts that have been brought to light by conservative websites about his race. Channelling Hillary, he says that it’s obviously a vast right-wing white supremacist conspiracy!

shaun king 04

I won’t post all the tweets because they’re kinda boring actually, but you can read them all on his timeline, if you’re interested. Here are the relevant details:

shaun king 03

The Blaze piece says that a racial attack on Shaun King as a teenager that he mentions often is disputed by the police report and some witnesses:

…three of the statements provided to police indicate the assault was over a dispute King had with a girl. The girl, whom TheBlaze has chosen not to name because she too was a minor at the time of incident, told authorities that the fight was a result of King confronting her over $8 she allegedly owed him after knocking over his bag and breaking a CD two weeks prior. She said King initially told her she wouldn’t have to pay him back because it was an accident, but that two weeks later, he confronted her and asked for the money immediately.

The assailant, the girl’s ex-boyfriend, told police the incident stemmed from King demanding the money. Another individual made the same claim.

“The reason I hit Shawn [sic] is because he pushed my x-girlfriend up against the wall yesterday and threatened to break her neck over $8 dollars she owed him and I care for her and she was scared yesterday because she thought he was going to hurt her and I didn’t want to see her get hurt,” the assailant, who was cited with fourth-degree assault, told police. “I know it was wrong but I couldn’t stand him threatening a girl like that.”

Shaun King denies the claims, but the importance of getting the facts straight on this is that he claims it was a racial attack, while the witnesses say race had nothing to do with it.

I noticed a while back that he often describes himself as a “thug” when he was younger – this fits the character of a person who would attack a girl for owing him money, not the characterization he gives of himself being a nice, innocent, biracial kid who was attacked by racists:

But IF he is not mixed, and full white, then that means he lied to get into Morehouse College, a historically black school, and also lied to the African-American divinity Oprah Winfrey!!

You in trouble now, King:

shaun king 28

shaun king 29

Notice – he doesn’t really say what he IS, just what people know him AS. Kinda weird, huh?

He prattles on and on about some white supremacist conspiracy, but then The Daily Beast drops this BOMB and Nakasakis him:

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King said for years that he is biracial, because he was born to a white mother and a black father, but Kentucky public records reviewed by The Daily Beast show that King’s father is white. Jeffery Wayne King, born Nov. 11, 1955, is listed as Shaun King’s father on his birth certificate. Criminal records identify Jeffrey King’s ethnicity as white. After Breitbart News questioned King’s race, the activist tweeted that he “did not concoct a lie” about his race.

Uh oh!! Is Shaun King the male Rachel Dolezal?!?

I bet this story is just beginning!! Maybe he’ll end up braiding hair just like his faker female counterpart Rachel Dolezal! LOL!!

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