Baseball Legend Curt Schilling Suspended For Muslim Tweet, Supports Ben Carson, Called Homosexuality a Sin

Here’s today’s lesson in the “truth-telling will be punished” file. Baseball great Curt Schilling has been suspended for tweeting a pretty reasonable criticism of Islamism:

It’s too bad that he was made to cower before the politically correct police – what was his “bad decision”?

Here it is:

curt schilling tweet


Yeah, that didn’t last long. Some of the headline-writers were clutching firmly at their pearls, aghast at the insult. SBNation called it awful, probably because Muslims were cowering because of his tweet!! Yahoo News called it “insensitive” to Islamist monsters!! Can’t offend ISIS!

I think it’s exactly crap like this that makes so many furious and eager to support someone like Donald Trump despite his rather mixed track record on conservatism.

Previously, the retired Christian baseball player touted Ben Carson because of his Christianity:

He responded to someone calling Carson a homophobe:

And he called homosexuality a sin:

And says evolution is false:

Now once those rabid insane liberals discover this, watch how “tolerant” they become. You’re just not allowed to be a Bible-believing Christian anymore in Obama’s America.

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