ABSURD! NPR Blames THE NFL For Deaths of Mike Brown And Eric Garner!!

On NPR yesterday the hushed liberal host interviewed some dork who said that he stopped watching football because it was so sexist, racist and homophobic. And the proof of it is that the cop that took down Eric Garner in New York City was wearing an NFL jersey.

This is not a joke.

Listen to the whole segment below:

Here’s the transcript of the pertinent portion:

“Look at the case of Michael Brown or Eric Garner, these were two African American men, in one case a teenager, who were described by and treated by law enforcement as if they had monstrous powers. In Ferguson, you have the officer talking about being shaken around like a rag doll, and lines that are suggesting that Michael Brown was this huge figure. Well he was 6-foot-5 and so was Darren Wilson, and yet there was this exaggerated sense of his menace. Eric Garner, who was a big guy, was tackled by four guys. And what’s so eerie about it and the connection I’m trying to draw here, is the guy who tackles him and applies the fatal chokehold, is he isn’t wearing police blues, he’s wearing a football jersey.

In this country there’s a long tradition of grotesque stereotypes about African-American men and men of color, which exaggerates their physical menace in order to justify menace against them. That is the line I would draw in this rash of cases we saw. One of the central rationalizations people use of football is that it’s a way out for certain kids. I don’t believe that football is the right model for empowering communities who are disadvantaged economically and socially and educationally. I think this is a perversion of our values, which should say that every kid matters because of their intellect and morality, not because they get really good at playing a brutal, murder ballet game that we really love watching.”

Oh I get it, so Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown because he watched too many St. Louis Rams’ games, NOT because Mike Brown was beating his face in and reached for his gun.

And Eric Garner wasn’t resisting arrest – the cops were taking out their aggression on him for the terrible NY Giants’ season last year.

Well that makes sense.

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