AWFUL: Dash Cam Video Captures Car Crash Right Before Cop Is Shot By Fleeing Perps In Georgia

An officer has been shot after a car chase and crash into a gas station.

Here’s the video of the moments before it happened:

More from WSB-TV:

According to DeKalb County Director of Public Safety Dr. Cedric Alexander, investigators ran across a car they said was involved in a gun running investigation. Those officers called 911 to have uniformed officers follow the car.

When the uniformed officers caught up to the car, they turned on their blue light and the suspect car then gave chase, according to Alexander.

The chase was very short and ended when the suspects crashed the car into a sign at the gas station. That’s when the two suspects got out, firing guns.

At least two officers got into a shootout with the suspects and one of them was shot in the shoulder, Alexander said.

A DeKalb County police helicopter was deployed to the area to airlift the officer to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

Alexander said one of the suspects surrendered to police at the scene. The other suspect ran into a wooded area around the gas station. A K-9 unit tracked down the suspect and he was taken into custody.

The officer is in critical condition. Please pray that his condition improves.

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