Iran’s Rouhani Embarrasses Obama And Kerry With Statement on Assad And ISIS Today

So Iranian president Rouhani came out with a statement today saying that EVERYONE agrees that Assad needs to stay in power while they try to root out ISIS.

This was after Obama said, “Assad must go!” more than a year ago.

And John Kerry reiterated “Assad must go!!!” a few months ago!

So, basically:


Rouhani is just spitting into the faces of Obama and Kerry by saying “everyone” as if their statements didn’t exist, or America just doesn’t matter.

And it doesn’t, because we’re leading from behind.

Keep in mind also that Rouhani isn’t considered one of the “extremists” or “hard-liners” in the Iranian government, Obama and Kerry both consider him a moderate buddy of theirs.

Remember these are the idiots who say that Obama has improved America’s standing in the world. Right. Stick with that story.

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