Here’s The Video Of MSNBC Airing ABSURDLY STUPID Map Showing Israel Taking Land From ‘Palestinian State’

MSNBC continues its perpetual march into ratings obsolescence with this patently stupid map reportedly showing all the land that the state of Israel “took” from the non-existent “state of Palestine” since 1948:

palestine israel land

Uhhh except the “state of Palestine” doesn’t exist and never did. It’s not a recognized “state” so Israel didn’t take its land away.

Further, all of that happened because the Muslim nations kept trying to destroy the Jewish state and they CRUSHED them in defensive wars!!

But you didn’t see any of that in the segment below:

[if video is taken down, I also posted at the Right Scoop]

What a bunch of pendejos. And that’s why no one watches this crap-channel except for Middle East propagandists looking for proof that the American media hates Israel too. This video will be a hit there!!!

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