Canada’s New Prime Minister Means 25,000 Syrian ‘Refugees’ North Of Our Border In The Next TWO MONTHS!

justin trudeau

Well, this is what happens when we don’t pay attention to Canuckistan, or as the Simpsons call it, “America’s hat.” Apparently they voted out what liberals considered a hard right-wing Prime Minister and voted in a left-winger with socialist dreams.

But here’s a consequence of Justin Trudeau that will have an immediate effect on America’s security – he’s promised to resettle 25,000 Syrian “refugees” in Canada.

And he’s gonna do it in the next TWO MONTHS.

From the Globe and Mail:

Standing inside one of the country’s foremost symbols of its openness to the world – the so-called “Gateway to Canada” – Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said Sunday he’d consider airlifting Syrian refugees in order to fulfill his pledge to welcome 25,000 asylum seekers by Jan. 1.

…Trudeau defended his promise to welcome 25,000 refugees from Syria by year’s end – more than the Conservatives or the NDP have promised to do – by saying all that’s standing in the way is political will.

He said the Conservatives’ announcement Saturday that they would cancel the requirement refugees first be designated as such by the United Nations before applying for asylum in Canada as “a sudden and convenient change of heart during an election campaign.”

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander said that while security screening will remain the government’s priority, his government will issue thousands more visas by the end of the year to people fleeing the sectarian conflict and civil war in Syria.

Trudeau dismissed suggestions his plan would compromise Canadians’ security as many of those seeking refuge in Europe and North America are coming from a territory controlled or affected by the violence of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, whose leaders openly call for terrorist attacks on Canadian soil.

“No one is suggesting we should put aside security in order to (bring in refugees),” he told the crowd.

People fleeing Syria can be properly assessed by employing more case workers, increasing screening capacity and “looking at the possibility of airlifts,” Trudeau said.

Yeah, I dunno. It’s hard to put a lot of faith in a guy who’s most popular message was in legalizing pot. What the heck are you people doing up there, America’s hat?!?

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