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CNN’s Sally Kohn Wildly Exaggerates Child Gun Deaths In America, FORCED To Correct

Perpetual loony leftist liar and occasional CNN commentator Sally Kohn made a claim about gun deaths that was so stupid and exaggerated that it would only get past the fetid sewer of a diseased liberal mind.

Check it out:

Apparently the dimwit doesn’t know how to use google because she gets all her statistics from overhearing them on television:

Recently, my CNN colleague Mel Robbins made a startling point. Robbins was on “Legal View” to discuss the case of an 11-year-old who shot and killed an 8-year-old neighbor when host Ashleigh Banfield noted that 10,000 children are killed by guns every year.

Almost immediately, people who have a clue and also regularly consult with reality has to set the moron straight. Foremost among these was retired NYPD cop John Cardillo:

Wow. I would say it was intentional, but these “journalists” are so incompetent that I wouldn’t be surprised if they just didn’t check anything before publishing it. After tons and tons of gun advocates voiced their anger at the ridiculous lies, Sally Kohn finally responded:

But it doesn’t matter – I’m sure we’ll see the false 10,000 number pop up all over the place now, because liberals don’t care about what’s true, only what’s politically expedient.

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