Whitest MSNBC Host Ever Says Cruz And Rubio Aren’t REALLY HISPANIC, They’re ‘Cuban Nationals’!

I’m finding it very difficult not to riddle this post with expletives, as a Hispanic person myself, after the whitest MSNBC host ever (which is saying something) snidely mocked Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio by saying they’re not really Hispanic, they’re “Cuban Nationals.”

Watch below:

[longer video at the Right Scoop for context]

What the @#$% does that even MEAN?!?!

Of course he’s trying to insinuate that you can’t be “Hispanic” and conservative, because dim-witted degenerates like him think we minorities can’t think for ourselves without old white men like him telling us who we should vote for.

Usually when you say “Cuban National” you mean that person is a citizen of Cuba. How dare this pathetic excuse for a human being accuse Rubio and Cruz of not being American? This is the same piece of crap that gets a fiery tingle up his leg when Republicans say Obama isn’t American, and starts squealing like a whiny schoolgirl.

This is EXACTLY the kind of crap that would be an outrage and reported all over the land if a conservative did it, but because this liberal idiot does it before MSNBC’s 23 viewers, he gets a total pass.

You’re a disgusting moron and a pinche pendejo, Chris Matthews, even for the sewer that we otherwise call MSNBC.

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