Protesters Circling Cops In Chicago After Dashcam Video Released Of Fatal Cop Shooting Of Black Teen

Protests are beginning in Chicago over a video released of a police man shooting to death a teen who had been threatening them with a knife.

Watch below:

From the Daily Beast:

Laquan McDonald was lying in the fetal position when Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke pumped more than a dozen bullets into the 17-year-old body’s body, killing him.

After being turned around by the first shots, McDonald hits the ground. Puffs of smoke can be seen rising from his body as bullets penetrate and strike the pavement behind him. At the end of the 16-second ordeal, Van Dyke’s partner kicks away a knife McDonald was carrying, which was the only thing that prevented Van Dyke from reloading his weapon.

This is tantamount to first-degree murder, according to Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez, who charged Van Dyke on Tuesday.

On the dashcam video, McDonald first comes into the view while he’s jogging in the middle of a southwest Chicago street. Van Dyke and his partner exit their police SUV, and Alvarez said that Van Dyke began firing six seconds later.

Investigators could only attribute two of the 16 shots fired by Van Dyke as striking McDonald while he was standing. The rest — as many as 14 —struck McDonald as he lay wounded on the ground.

After emptying a 15-round magazine plus one bullet in the chamber, Van Dyke began to reload before being called of [sic] by his partner, who approached McDonald and kicked the knife away.

And it looks like the protests just begun:

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This seems like a bad idea:

There are a lot of conservatives who are outraged by the video as well, saying that it was excessive for the police to shoot Laquan while he was down and not an immediate threat to police. Additionally there are accusations that the police have deleted portions of the video in order to protect the cop.

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