Hey Liberals, Here’s Who You’re MOCKING When You Curse Our Prayers For Victims of Terror

Liberals have been particularly vicious this time around about mocking people who say they are praying for those victims of the Islamist terror in San Bernardino.

See what they’re doing? They’re pretending to give a crap about the victims when all they really want it so push gun control on everyone.

Here’s who they’re mocking when they do that:

That’s the father of a woman who was stuck cowering in the building under attack by vicious terrorists, waiting for the police to save her.

You know what she asked for? Prayers. But for the faithless, degenerate, God-hating foul wretches of the left, that sentiment is something to mock and deride.

Unfortunately for them, the same God we pray to is the one that gave us the right to self-defense.

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