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One Of Trump’s Black Pastor Endorsements Is A Guy Warning Against ‘HOMO DEMONS’!

Trump has picked up the endorsement of the notorious Pastor Manning, who has made all sorts of headlines with his rather extreme theological positions.

Here he is at the “100 Black Pastors Endorsement” presser, which turned out to be much fewer than 100:

pastor manning with trump

pic via “Joe My God”

For instance, he’s very vocal against “homo demons”:

Here’s a video about it:

Seems like good advice. I mean, to avoid homo demons. Whatever those are.

And you gotta see this one:

Anyway, he endorses Trump, so he’s pretty much clinched the White House!!! It’s OVER, Hillary, go HOME!!

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  • Sharknado

    You heathen lefties always try and demonize people who speak biblical truth to your face…a la devil worshiper Saul Alinsky.

  • OutbackJon

    I think “homo demons” are like regular demons. But fabulously dressed and meticulously groomed.

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  • The Masked Avatar

    Homo Demons opened for Dead Kennedys back in ’79.

  • Pat

    I completely agree with Pastor Manning’s assessment of Obama in the video’s last 3 words; “The n*gger failed”.