Pathetic Don Lemon Cuts Off Interview With Kurt Schlichter Cuz He Can’t Handle The TRUTH About Hillary Clinton!

Not only is this clip hilarious, but it’s also rather outrageous because all that military veteran and outspoken conservative Kurt Schlichter did is call Hillary an enabler of a sexual harassment, and Don Lemon couldn’t deal with it.

Watch below:

I also posted a much longer clip at the Right Scoooooop!!

C’mon, that’s pathetic. We KNOW that Hillary Clinton denied the allegations and defended her husband’s womanizing and sexual harassment and we’re supposed to completely ignore it? Riiight.

Apparently helping a serial sexual harasser isn’t a “low blow” but talking about it is.

Also, follow Kurt on the Twitters, he’s just as hilarious there as he was on CNN:

Good job, gringo.

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