Kathleen Parker Tries To Smear Ted Cruz But Just Exposes Her Breathtaking Ignorance On Religion

If you have even the tiniest experience and knowledge about Christian theology, then this ridiculous video of Kathleen Parker trying to make Ted Cruz look like a crazy religious weirdo is going to make you laugh pretty hard.

Watch below:

I love how she says that “this slipped through the cracks,” as if no one noticed except her. Because she’s so brilliant and we’re all so dumb.

If you are absolutely ignorant of all Christian theology and have never actually read the Bible, here’s the problem with her attack on Ted Cruz. When Christians say “the body of Christ,” we’re using metaphorical language actually used in the Bible to refer to the church, that is, people who believe in Christ.

SO all he’s saying is that he wants Christians to rise up and vote according to their religious convictions.

But because Kathleen is so obscenely ignorant of Christianity, one of the largest religions in the world, and the source of many of the theological and philosophical pillars of Western Civilization, she thought Cruz was asking that Jesus Christ literally rise up from the dead like Frankenstein.

Great job there, Kathleen. We’re all impressed.

Here’s how she responded on Twitter to the criticism:

But… that doesn’t really answer her odd comment that many of her friends were offended at Cruz’s words. Were they high on LSD too? Or is this the more likely answer to that discrepancy:

If you want a more theologically thorough takedown of these comments, check out  Mollie Hemingway’s post at The Federalist.

[h/t the right scoooooop!]
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