VIDEO: Ted Cruz’s ‘Apology’ Just Doubles Down On ‘New York Values’!

Everyone’s been demanding Ted Cruz apologize for his comments tying Trump to “New York Values.”

Well here it is:

Yeah.. that’s not quite what they expected.

Here’s his full statement, and he is NOT backing down!!

As a person who lives in New York but moved here from somewhere else, I really think that this is not the “gaffe” that the media is making it out to be. While the country absolutely stood with New York City on 9/11 and the rebuilding, that’s not what Cruz is referring to, and everyone knows it.

There is a huge gulf between the values of the majority of New York City denizens and the rest of the country, and it’s all he’s doing is driving a wedge between the media and America while forcing the Donald to hug Hillary and other lefty New York lovers.

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