‘Sniveling Coward’ Trump Proves Ted Cruz RIGHT With This Idiotic LIE-FILLED Tweet Response!!

I just can’t believe how Trump has drug our entire political process into the nastiest, lowest of sewers.

Here’s his latest, in response to Ted Cruz just obliterating him on the Melania ad:

Of course, only his idiotic supporters would believe the lies he’s telling here, even though there is ample evidence everywhere that he’s full of it.

In fact, it was a anti-Trump SuperPAC, NOT a Cruz PAC that posted that ad.

In fact, there absolutely NO evidence that Ted knew about it, or approved it.

In fact, Cruz has absolutely denounced the ad, and said that spouses are off limits.

But the Donald sits on a throne of lies and he must perpetuate his campaign by filling the empty heads of his zombie followers with more and more prevarications.

How pathetic and how beneath our great country and the presidency.

Anyone who supports this moron should be ashamed of themselves.

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