Eric Bolling Corrects Geraldo’s LIE About Ted Cruz – Then AFFIRMS THE SAME LIE A Minute LATER!!!

Trump’s favorite knob gobbler Eric Bolling got Geraldo to come on to his show and blame Cruz for the Melania ad so that he could look like he was fair by correcting him.

But he just couldn’t help but lie for the sake of the toupee’d totalitarian because just ONE MINUTE later, HE REPEATS THE LIE!!!

It’s amazing.

Watch below:

Geraldo is shocked, shocked I tell you, in a completely unplanned correction by Bolling that certainly makes him look “fair and balanced.”

And then a minute later he’s demanding that “women’s groups” come out to condemn Ted Cruz for “putting out pictures of Melania.” AND THAT’S THE VERY THING HE CORRECTED GERALDO ON!!!

LOL!! What a pathetic farce Fox News has become, and how low can Eric Bolling get in his abject pathetic trump-humpery?

Guess what? He has MONTHS to get worse, and I bet he will!!!

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