‘At Some Point Aren’t You Just ASHAMED?” – Jake Tapper GRILLS Trump Spox Over False Smears

In this cringe-worthy segment on CNN, Jake Tapper earnestly tries to keep Sarah Huckabee Sanders from selling her soul to the Trump campaign, and she just blindly, stupidly charges on.

Here’s the money quote:

But here’s the entire interview:

At one point, Jake Tapper says, “Sarah, I’ve known you and I’ve known your family for a long time, and I can’t believe that either one of you would condone what Dan Scavino did yesterday!”

What he’s referring to is Trump’s scumbag media guy pushing out an idiotic video as “evidence” that Amanda Carpenter had an affair with Ted Cruz.

But the way that Sarah beats around the bush in a clear attempt to ignore how scummy the Trump campaign is acting right now just shows how willing she is to swim in the sewer for this idol. That’s what happens when you trade your character for money and influence. Sad!!

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