TRUMP LOSING Indiana Delegate Game To Ted Cruz, And Team Trump Is CLUELESS About It!!

IN yet another state that Trump will accede delegates to Ted Cruz out of his absurd inability to organize, Indiana is choosing state delegates today, and it looks like they’ll all be #NeverTrump!!

From Politico:

Indiana hasn’t cast its ballots for president yet, but Donald Trump is already losing.

Republican Party insiders in the state will select 27 delegates to the national convention on Saturday, and Trump is assured to be nearly shut out of support, according to interviews with a dozen party leaders and officials involved in the delegate selection process. Anti-Trump sentiment runs hot among GOP leadership in Indiana, and it’s driving a virulent rejection of the mogul among likely delegates.

“If Satan had the lead on him and was one delegate away from being nominated as our candidate, and Donald Trump was the alternative, I might vote for Donald Trump,” said Craig Dunn, a local GOP leader who is running to represent Indiana’s 4th Congressional District at the national convention in Cleveland. “I’ve always wanted to own a casino, but he couldn’t give me a casino and have me vote for him.”

Wow. That’s pretty harsh, but the cheeto-faced toupee’d totalitarian deserves every bit of it.

But that’s not all – Team Trump is completely unaware that they’re going to lose the delegate game in Indiana:

Trump’s Indiana chairman, Rex Early, a former state party chairman who just signed on to Trump’s team last weekend, said he hasn’t explored the delegate process enough to see how it will unfold. He said he intends to pursue a slot as an at-large delegate next week, and other GOP leaders said he’s an example of a self-identified Trump backer who could make it through the process, given his stature within the state party.

Informed of the local district’s anti-Trump lean, Early described it as “news to me.”

LOL!!! Isn’t the guy who’s supposed to be a brilliant genius businessman? And yet he can’t figure out how to pick up delegates to win the GOP nomination? Not only would he be a disaster in the general election but if by some miracle if he should win, he’d be a complete idiot in the White House.

The ONLY rational choice is Cruz.

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