Sore Loser Trump Declares Victory In Bathsalts Insane Statement On Wisconsin LOSS

Just hours ago el Trumpo was confidently telling people that there was going to be a surprise tonight – and he was right!! We’re surprised how quickly they called the Wisconsin race for Ted Cruz!!

Of course the whiny childish Trump team released a statement blaming everything but their idiot candidate:

Way to take the bottom-dwelling road, Trumpy. How did he “withstand” the establishment yet again? By being destroyed in the election? I really hope he continues to “withstand” Ted Cruz in exactly this manner.

The idiot makes absolutely false accusations against Ted that he has NO evidence for, except for stupid “common sense evidence” which means no evidence. But his brain-dead zombie followers will repeat the lie just because their celebrity idol said it.

He can’t ever admit when he loses fair and square, he has to make excuses like a child throwing a tantrum.

It’s unbelievable that some Americans want this moron in the White House…

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