Trump and 9/11: Hated Twin Towers, Called Freedom Tower ‘Disgusting,’ Stole Small Biz Money

Today Donald Trump visited the 9/11 museum in order to show how much he was affected by the worst terrorist attack in American history. That shows he really cares. Except for one little thing:

It took running for President to get Donald Trump to travel the 4 miles between his glitzy Fifth Ave. digs and Ground Zero.

The New Yorker finally graced the hallowed ground of the National Sept. 11 Memorial & Museum in lower Manhattan Saturday for the first time. The GOP front-runner racked up another first, giving $100,000 to the institution, the only time he has made a donation, the Daily News has learned.

Wait, you live only four miles away from the thing, you keep talking about how awful it was, and yet you only visited the museum once you ran for president? How convenient!! It’s almost as if Trump is a con man whose antics only work on weak-minded fools. Nah, that couldn’t be it.

Oh wait wait.. not only has he never visited the Museum at Ground Zero, but he also derided the Twin Towers after they were attacked and fell!!

“Once they get it cleared – and that is going to be a very long process – we will all have a better idea of what can be done on the site,” Trump said. “The current mindset is to put up new towers, and I agree with that.”

But, he said, they shouldn’t be replicas of the downed buildings. “To be blunt, they were not ‘great’ buildings,” he said. “They only became great upon their demise last Tuesday.”

This is really weird, because it sounds very similar to what he said about John McCain – he only became a war hero after he was captured, and the Twin Towers were only great after they were destroyed. I find this very odd.

But that’s not all, folks!!

He crapped on the old Twin Towers, and ALSO crapped on the new Freedom Tower!!

Watch below:

The Daily Caller explains the comments:

Trump trashed the design of the tower that was revealed in May 2005 by the LMDC, telling MSNBC host Chris Matthews that it would be better to have nothing than erect The Freedom Tower. Trump, instead, proposed to erect a replica of the Twin Towers but with one extra story for each building.

“I’d rather have nothing than what they are building, Chris. It’s a terrible design. It’s designed by an egghead architect, who really doesn’t have a lot of experience designing something like this. It’s just a terrible design. It’s wrong angles–I mean, worst of all it’s a skeletal building,” Trump said.

He added, “If you look at it, what is it really? It’s a 60-story building with the skeleton on top of it that goes 40 or 50 stories with nothing in between and it’s a disgusting design.”

He really is like a petulant child that has to smear feces on anything that he doesn’t own. Twin towers? Crap. Freedom Tower? Crap. Only Trump Towers is magnificent, wonderful, classy and the best ever.


In addition to ALL of that, the Donald also appears to have greedily stolen money that was set aside for small businesses in order to pad his own pockets – and it was FOR 9/11!!!

From the Weekly Standard:

Here’s the story. Not long after 9/11, the World Trade Center Business Recovery Grant program was established to help small businesses recover and rebuild. The program disbursed hundreds of millions of dollars through a New York state development corporation in the years following the attacks. But there were problems early on. In 2003, the New York Times reported the development corporation admitted to overpaying some firms and took back $1.2 million. A federal audit, the Times added, suggested at least $5 million had been overpaid by the end of 2003.

And in 2006, the New York Daily News ran an investigative piece about how the program had awarded grants to companies and subsidiaries that hardly seemed like “small businesses.” Among them were Dell, Morgan Stanley, and, yes, Donald Trump.

And the Daily News:

One couldn’t tell from ESDC records, for example, that “40 Wall Street LLC” is owned by Trump. The Donald bills himself as the “largest real estate developer in New York,” Last week, Trump sued a New York Times reporter for concluding in a book that the host of “The Apprentice” isn’t a billionaire. But the ESDC’s rules transformed Trump into a small-business man. His company collected a $150,000 grant for losses at 40 Wall St. The grant application describes the corporation through which Trump owns that building as having 28 employees and $26.8 million in annual revenues. That passed the ESDC’s small business test of less than 500 employees. But the revenue amount would put the single Trump property over the federal definition of a small business – which is $6 million annually for lessors of nonresidential buildings. A Trump spokeswoman did not respond to a call and e-mail message seeking comment.

But the worst… is that he claims that HUNDREDS of his friends died at 9/11 – but he can’t name even ONE.


TO SUM UP the Donald’s checkered history with 9/11:

  • The DONALD hated the Twin Towers.
  • The DONALD said they are only considered great because they were destroyed.
  • The DONALD hates the NEW Freedom Tower.
  • The DONALD says he was affected terribly by 9/11 – but waited until he ran for president to go to the museum.
  • The DONALD stole money meant to go to small businesses that were stressed because of 9/11
  • The DONALD claims he lost hundreds of friends in 9/11 – but he can’t name ONE.

Now I have one question – was Donald Trump the epitome of “New York values” when he did all this stuff?

UPDATE: If you do the math, Trump’s “generous contribution” of $100,000 compared to his supposed worth of $10 billion is in the same ratio as a regular American giving about two dollars. I did the math.

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