Trump-Endorsing Kirstie Alley Once Said His SONS Had ‘Little C**ks’!!

“Cheers” actress Kirstie Alley regained some of the spotlight this week when she endorsed the TrumperTantrum:

But all of those people who love her for it might change their minds after they see this tweet where she mocked the size of his sons’ generative parts:

Yes, according to Kirstie, they shoot big guns because they have “small c*cks.”

What is with these Trump people and the obsession of the size of your regenerative parts?!

Anyway, I think she was referring to that time that liberals freaked out over the Trump sons because of a hunting trip they went on. Back then, el Trumpo said that he was against hunting.

I’m sure he’s 100% for it now that he’s running as a Republican. Of course, later he said that people with a lot of ammunition “should be looked at” by the government.

I’m sure liberal actress Kirstie Alley agrees.

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