Thomas Sowell: Trump Will DISCREDIT Conservatism, We Need A THIRD PARTY Candidate!!

Conservative legend and icon Thomas Sowell warns that Trump could be another Herbert Hoover and discredit conservative ideas for decades, while ushering in another era of unbridled liberalism.

He said the only “slim chance” we have at avoiding this is a third party candidate:

What was once feared most by the Republican establishment — a third party candidate for president — may represent the only slim chance for saving this country from a catastrophic administration in an age of proliferating nuclear weapons.

If a third-party candidate could divide the vote enough to prevent anyone from getting an electoral-college majority, that would throw the election into the House of Representatives, where any semblance of sanity could produce a better president than these two.


Regardless of how that attempt at patching up an image turns out, Trump’s candidacy could be not only a current political setback for Republicans, but an enduring affliction in future elections.

For decades after Republican president Herbert Hoover was demonized because the Great Depression of the 1930s began on his watch, Democrats warned repeatedly, in a series of later presidential elections, that a vote for the Republican candidate was a vote to return to the days of Herbert Hoover.

It was 20 years before another Republican was elected president. As late as the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan was called, by the Democrats’ speaker of the House, “Hoover with a smile.” When a high official of the Reagan administration appeared before Congress to explain the administration’s policy, a Democratic senator said, “That’s Hoover talk, man!”

Sowell once said that if Obama was elected for a second term that he didn’t know if America would survive. It looks like it won’t be liberal policies that kill it, but an idiotic mindless populist backlash.

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