Trump Spoke At Rally For POWs – Gave Campaign Speech, Didn’t MENTION POWs ONCE!

Former New York Congressman and Republican John Leboutillier spoke at the same “Rolling Thunder” even that Trump spoke at, but he was very disappointed that the cheeto-faced moron didn’t mention the cause once in his speech.

And he says that he wasn’t the only disappointed attendee:

Leboutillier says the entire rally was to bring attention to the cause of “American POWs held overseas against their will,” and he never mentioned it once. He also says that the 300,000 people, including many veterans, that were there noticed, and were disappointed.

Meanwhile, the orange-tanned idiot was whining that not enough people showed up so that he could say he was the new Martin Luther King Jr. And remember, he’s the same moron who said he liked his heroes to not be captured, mocking Prisoners of War. Finally, this is the SAME dumbass who denigrated military service by saying his staving off venereal disease was his “personal Vietnam” after getting many deferments for supposed bone spurs.

Amazing. But don’t mention this to any of his cult-member followers because they’ll accuse you of lying and hating America.

Here’s Leboutillier talking about the Prisoners of War – ironically, he talks about Trump in his speech: