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Yahoo News explains that the final battle against Trump’s nomination is being fought in the decision-making centers of one man’s mind: Mike Lee.

Here’s how he could toss the convention into complete pandemonium:

This week, watch Mike Lee.

The mild-mannered first-term U.S. senator from Utah will arrive here Wednesday night or Thursday morning to cast a significant vote in the long-odds battle being waged by some Republican delegates to snatch the party’s presidential nomination from Donald Trump.

Lee, 45, is one of Utah’s two members of the convention Rules Committee, which will vote at the end of the week on a motion to unbind the 2,472 convention delegates next week. If the committee sends the resolution to the convention floor, the whole convention would vote up or down on the measure.

And more:

His support for or against the “conscience clause” proposal will send a powerful signal to those among the other 111 members of the Rules Committee who are wavering. Lee’s wife, Sharon — who like her husband was chosen by the other convention delegates from Utah to represent them on the Rules Committee — is believed likely to follow his lead, so his decision could swing two votes of the 28 required to bring the motion to the floor. One member of the Convention Rules Committee said many members believe that Lee’s support could be crucial.

A spokesman for Lee said Tuesday that the senator has made up his mind how he will vote and will share his decision with other members of the committee when he arrives here this week.

“Everyone’s lobbying him,” said one senior Trump campaign official.

So far Lee has been tight-lipped about his intentions. There are plenty of reasons, however, why he would vote against Trump on this issue.

I’m betting that Lee isn’t even weighing whether Trump should be challenged or not, he’s probably just trying to figure out what’s best for the country. He could be thinking that it would be worse to toss the GOP into a philosophical tempest, not to mention the violence that Trump has promised, than to acquiesce to the cheeto-faced totalitarian.

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