Delusional Sean Hannity Says IGNORE The Polls – Trump Is Winning TWITTER And FACEBOOK!

Trump is failing so badly in the polls that he used to shout about constantly that his favored Cabana Boy Sean Hannity is now telling people to not worry because he’s winning Twitter and Facebook.

It’s amazing:

So for anyone who’s been disheartened by the post-convention bump for Hillary Clinton, the Gateway Pundit has some uplifting numbers for you:

The website reports that analysis from the two candidates’ social media accounts could mean Donald Trump will win in a landslide.

What’s the “analysis”? The brilliant “analysis” is “hey let’s look at numbers and see which one is bigger.” Wow, that’s some brilliant “analysis” there. Apparently Sean Hannity believes the word “analysis” is how you cover up how shallow and witless your reasons are for believing somethin. That explains his “political analysis.”

Consider the two candidates’ Facebook accounts: Trump has over 10 million “likes” while Hillary has just over 5 million.

How about when the two candidates live stream their events? Trump averages 30,000 live viewers per stream while Clinton receives on average, a measly 500 viewers.

And on Reddit, “Hillary for Prison” has more than double the subscribers (55,000) than the actual Hillary Clinton page does (24,000).

First of all, those metrics can be purchased or falsely inflated. You can buy Facebook likes and you can buy Twitter follows. This is at least one reason we have polls – other metrics are utterly unreliable.

Secondly, Gateway Pundit is not terribly reliable when reporting on Trump, as this amazing deception shows:

jim hoft gateway pundit cleveland trump

Yes these scumbag idiots are willing to lie about anything to keep Trump’s scam going. Here’s another example…

And how many electoral votes do you win by taking Twitter and Social Media? LOL!

But it shows how Hannity and his dim-witted fellow Trumpers are desperate for anything that might affirm their cultish adoration of a cheeto-visaged authoritarian jackass.

Let not your heart be troubled… by facts, reason, logic, or reality!!

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