RNC Should Call EMERGENCY Meeting To REPLACE TRUMP! – Amanda Carpenter

Someone had to do it, and as usual the brave Amanda Carpenter stepped out publicly to say that the RNC needs to seriously consider a meeting to replace el Trumpo from the nomination.

That would be political pandemonium but you know they have to be considering it because as el Scoopo showed earlier, Trump’s polling is so terrible that it doesn’t even matter what happens in the “swing states” – he would lose handily if the election were run today.

So where is the Trumper’s argument that this is the only way we can beat Hillary?

So far the GOP establishment has gone all in on Trump, and all they’ve gotten is grief and insults from the toupee’d totalitarian.

She’s absolutely right – look at what happened to Paul Ryan for daring to put off his endorsement of Trump. The infant has to back down when it was clear that Ryan was going to absolutely destroy Nehlen, but you know he withheld his endorsement out of a stupid grudge. Now imagine this childish authoritarian with control of the most powerful country in the world, and start contacting the RNC to get rid of this idiot.

TRUMP CAVES to GOP Establishment! ENDORSING Paul Ryan Tonight!!