‘There Will Be TACO TRUCKS everywhere!!’ – Latinos For Trump Founder Warns Of Deliciousness

In an absolutely bizarre segment on MSNBC, the Latinos for Trump founder says that if we don’t elect Trump, you’re going to have taco trucks everywhere!!! I’m not sure why he’s against deliciousness, but there you have it.

Watch below:

Having been raised in California, I think I get what he’s trying to say, but he’s using the worst example ever because taco trucks are AWESOME. It is true, however, that we’ve been far too lax with illegal aliens in America, and it’s allowed a secondary culture to thrive – one that isn’t assimilating. And that’s a problem. We need to preserve American culture and our principles, and when we don’t even do that among our own native-born kids, we shouldn’t be surprised when immigrants, legal or otherwise, don’t assimilate into that culture either.

But c’mon dude, lay off the taco trucks, they’re amaaazing. That’s the worst argument everrrr!!!

Here’s the full interview if you’re interested:

Also I think his history is a little messed up. He says the Spanish never conquered Mexico? Then why do they speak Spanish and adopt their culture? Unfortunately the Mexican Trump guy seems about as knowledgable and rational as Trump himself is.