Hannity Spurns Jesus In Favor Of Martial Arts In Angry Radio RANT Against Glenn Beck!

The dissolution of Sean Hannity’s feeble dim wit continued on his radio show when he responded to Glenn Beck’s call for a post-election meeting. He rebuffed the offer, angrily saying that he doesn’t accept Jesus’ teachings because martial arts have taught him to fight back against Glenn Beck.

No, really, he said that. It’s awesome:

This was a precursor to his piteous “hitting back twice as hard” at Megyn Kelly for daring to mention that Trump had hamstrung himself for the debate by only appearing on friendly shows like Hannity’s.

The really pathetic thing about this is that Hannity is bragging about “hitting back twice as hard” with his words. But does all that mean is whining loudly that National Review and Jonah Goldberg are to blame for the moron that Hannity gave the nomination to? He learned that from martial arts?

At least he’s being honest about trading in Jesus in exchange for his own cheeto-Jesus who pats his head when he barks impotently for the sake of his political ambitions. We all suspected as much, but it’s nice to hear it out loud.