Pledge: I Will Donate To Charity For Every Buffalo Bills’ Sack Of Colin Kaepernick! [Update]

I have great news my gringo friends. The Forty-Niners are benching Blaine Gabbert and putting in their America-hatin’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick. And I know for a fact that the Buffalo Bills just LOVE sacking quarterbacks!!

So, thanks to this great idea by Dan Roth, I’m starting a campaign to encourage people to cheer on the Bills to sack Colin Kaepernick:

I’ll donate $35 for every sack on Kaepernick!! I’d really love for more people to join in. Just pledge in the comments section, and I’ll keep track and update regularly!!

Here’s the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program for Erie County, where Buffalo is located:


If there are other charities we should consider, let me know! And if you people pledge enough, I’ll toss in more money!

Oh and by the way, here’s the awesome thing that Bills’ linebacker Lorenzo Alexander did to HONOR 9/11 first responders at their first game of the season, when so many were insulting the National Anthem:

Let’s go Buffalo LET’S GO!!!!


Our great running back Lesean McCoy is going to make a lot of people angry, but he says his invitation to law enforcement has nothing to do with Colin Kaepernick’s protest:

He also had a message for Buffalo Bills fans who might be especially vitriolic against Kaepernick:

I think that’s a good message. We can cheer for the Bills to obliterate the Forty-Niners and Kaepernick on the field. That should be enough.


The results are in and the Buffalo Bills OBLITERATED the 49ers to the tune of 45 to 16!!! Unfortunately, we only got two sacks, as Kaepernick is a wily quarterback:

However, it suffices to say we are happy with this win, our fourth in a row. I’ll be cutting a check soon to the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Buffalo.

Here are some tweets about the event:

I guess there were some from Buffalo in support in Kaepernick:

Then there was the kinda disgraceful not so cool stuff:

C’mon guys you’re embarrassing the community with this crap.

And finally,

LOL!!! Let’s GO Buffalo!!!