Megyn Kelly OBLITERATES Donna Brazile On Her Giving Hillary CNN Debate Questions

Wow. I have been harping on this issue for a few days and I’m so glad that Megyn Kelly gave it the coverage it needed. When she got Donna Brazile on the record, she absolutely obliterated her on how she passed on a debate question to Hillary Clinton from CNN.

Donna pathetically and shamelessly tries to cite the Bible while crying “persecution” but Megyn keeps pressing her on it.

Watch the exchange here, it starts at about the 5:40 minute mark:

If Megyn dropped the ball, it’s that she let Donna Brazile say “I’ve never gotten questions from CNN.” Clearly, she’s ignoring the possibility that she got them from Roland Martin, the degenerate from “One News Network” that they were partnering with on the townhall. He’s not “officially” CNN, so she could get away with saying that, while not denying that she got them from somewhere.

Still, it’s satisfying to see her absolutely grilled on it. You KNOW she’s guilty just from the fact that she’s unable to respond at all. Brazile can’t say that email is fake, because it’s most likely real. And she won’t say WHO she got the question from, because it’s most likely Roland Martin from One News Network. All of these lying scumbags should be taken down.

You can read about how she passed on a question to Hillary Clinton after getting it from CNN here.

Here’s how I tried to shame CNN’s Brian Stelter into covering the issue more:

I really hope Fox News keeps bludgeoning CNN, Roland Martin and Donna Brazile until some answers come out.