BOOM! Wikileaks Shows Staff PANIC When Obama LIES About Hillary’s emails!!

I have been skeptical of Wikileaks promising enormous conspiracies and delivering very little, but this leaked email is a pretty big deal.

It’s from Cheryl Mills, top advisor to Hillary Clinton, and she’s freaking out when she realizes that Obama just LIED about not knowing about Hillary’s personal email server:



As with everything else, Obama absurdly says that he discovered that Hillary had a secret personal email account while at the State Department when he saw it on the news. But Mills notes, “we need to clean this up – he has emails from her – they do not say state.gov”, indicating he must have known because he got emails from her personal account.

Here’s the tweet referenced in the email:


This shows absolutely that they knew how much of a problem it was that Obama outright LIED to the American public about Hillary’s email, and that they needed to “clean” it up. Do they make “bleachbit” for presidential lies?

If Trump had at least one last dimly lit wit still firing, he’d be hammering the Clinton campaign with this email. In other words, that’s very unlikely to happen.

[h/t Jason Howerton]

Meanwhile, this is how Sam Stein of Huffington Post responds to the email:

This is how media bias works. When this happens to a Democrat, they say, “oh that’s been answered already, there’s no scandal anymore.” When it happens to a Republican, they say, “oh wow, that’s gonna keep this in the headlines,” and “this brings up new questions that must be answered!!” They must be really confused with this Democrat masquerading as a Republican.