Megyn Kelly Got Newt Gingrich To Meltdown Spectacularly

Wow. You have to see Newt spiral into a meltdown on the Megyn Kelly show tonight.

Watch this craziness:

I don’t know what to say. He just loses it. Does he really think berating Megyn Kelly about sex is going to get Trump some more votes? LOL… so much winning!!!

Guess what quote Newt is going to be forever known for?

Classy! Nothing like an old man defending another lecherous old man by accusing a woman of being fascinated by sex. I’m guessing Newt is just sick and tired of all the winning.

And of course, Trump’s scumbag social media scumbag went on Twitter to make a threat to Megyn Kelly, after saying she got “destroyed” by Newt:


What is that supposed to mean? Remember Trump’s liberal minion Omarosa saying everyone will have to kneel before Trump when he’s the ruler of the galaxy? That’s a real quote. I’m not joking.