OK, We Lied About Bush And McCain, But Trump Is REALLY Hitler! – Bill Maher

You know that Trump is really scaring the liberals when they start admitting that they lied about previous presidential candidates. Bill Maher must be very scared that Trump is getting close to winning because he does just that, while trying to scare people about Trump.

Watch below:

It’s amazing to hear him admit that he and other liberals lied about George Bush and John McCain, saying they were “honorable men” that they disagreed with. He says that liberals were wrong when they smeared them for the sake of political gain. He sounds scared, doesn’t he?

I have to admit that as much as I despise Trump, if he wins, I’ll enjoy these elitist smug media a-holes melting down over it. The difference between me and Trump cultists is that I don’t think that feeling of superiority is worth destroying the Constitution and the Republic.

Bill Maher is so concerned he went into it more in detail later:

The problem is that he’s absolutely right, but it doesn’t matter. This is a perfect morality tale – liberals cry and whine and exaggerate about Republicans, calling us racists and fascists for decades. So a bunch of us finally got sick of it and said, “OK, you’re gonna call us racist fascists? We might as well start acting a little racist and fascist.” I don’t condone it. I won’t vote for it. I think it’s disgusting, but I have to admit, it’s a little satisfying to see Bill Maher and his ilk freak out at what they’ve wrought.

Reminds me of this tweet:

Unfortunately, for this real-life fairy tale, there is no happy ending. The wolf eats the boy one way or another.