The Mitt Romney State Sec Fiasco Is Just A Big Dumb Distraction

The media is going nuts over Kellyanne Conway ripping into Mitt Romney on the morning Sunday shows but there’s a really interesting exchange that sounds like she’s tipping her hand and admitting it’s all for show.

Watch below:

Martha Radditz asks her why she was using Twitter to bash Romney instead of just going to Trump himself. Then she says, “did Trump ask you to do that?” and Kellyanne won’t deny it, and won’t comment on that possibility. Then she hurriedly changes the subject to move on to something else.

I posted the entire interview here at the Right Scoop if you want to see it.

Here’s her tweet about the “deluge” against Romney:

And today:

So consider the media firestorm over all his followers going nuts about a possible Romney State Secretary pick. Trump is biologically addicted to the spotlight, and this is the best way to grab it by the throat, or other body parts, and not let go. Of COURSE he made Conway tweet that!!

Here’s how she went on to attack Romney on “This Week” with F. Chuck Todd:

Doesn’t it all sound so innocent and not-contrived at all? LOL yeah right.