Both Clinton And Trump Camps Are Lying About Why She Lost

This is a really interesting debate – did Comey’s letter move the needle against Clinton? That’s what the Clinton camp has been saying since the election in order to deflect from her just being a terrible candidate, and Robby Mook repeats it this morning:

There’s a lot of reason to believe this is the case, but he’s trying to draw the blame away from Clinton just being a terrible candidate who made awful decisions that came to kill her campaign.

Meanwhile, Kellyanne Conway and the Trump camp have a vested interest in denying that account and she does it with gusto:

Why would she rather say his “message” won the day? Because they want to falsely claim that he has a “mandate” from the American people and that he won decisively. It’s more accurate to say that Hillary LOST decisively, given that Trump barely got more votes than Romney even though the population has obviously grown in the last 4 years. His “message” didn’t bring anyone out, it barely kept Romney’s numbers. Instead, Hillary’s lack of message failed, and her voters stayed home.

As Mook reiterates here, the race was lost by very small margins in just a few key states:

And what we’ve discovered in the aftermath is that the undecided voters broke strongly in favor of Trump in the last two weeks. What was the big narrative in the last two weeks? Clinton’s corruption because of the Comey letter.

Now both camps have political interests in maintaining a false narrative. The Clintonistas have a personal stake in blaming everyone else except the worst candidate in recent memory, Hillary Clinton. And Trumpers are going to claim he has a yuge mandate for his vague populist policies when he doesn’t really.