Mike Flynn’s Son And Chief of Staff Accuses Jake Tapper of Covering Up Clinton Child Sex Ring

You can count yourself among the blessed if you haven’t been exposed to the abject stupidity of the alt-right conspiracy theory of “pizza gate.” And I’m about to ruin that for you.

That’s because Trump’s favorite pro-Putin retired general Michael Flynn has a Chief of Staff who happens to be his son as well, and he’s buying hook, line and sinker into this absurdly idiotic conspiracy theory:


“Pizza Gate” grew out of the Wikileaks hacked emails from John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, when some idiot with a diseased mind made up a key that supposedly unlocks a code explaining all the emails about pizza – because they can’t just be about pizza.


Now there’s no proof that’s what these words mean, the alt-right idiots just assume this code is true, and then read into any email with these words to give themselves a sick sadistic thrill.

This has been going on for a while and the fever swamps of the stupider corners of the alt-right promise their cultish believers that this will bring down Clinton, Podesta, and even the GOP establishment.

That is what inspired some moron with a gun to go to a pizza restaurant in D.C. that these idiots say is at the center of the child molestation. So now their idiocies are getting dangerous – that’s when Jake Tapper tweeted this:

And immediately, he was attacked by the alt-right as an accomplice, of course, because anyone who doesn’t wallow in the sewer with them must be in on the conspiracy:

And let’s throw in some anti-Semitism too:

Anyway, that’s when Mike Flynn’s kid chimed in, and Jake Tapper tried to reason with him via DM. It did not go well, and Flynn started publishing the exchange, classy guy that he is:

Yes, the guy who says Sandy Hook was made up by the government is liar.

I mean this is just sad and pathetic:


This guy is spreading idiotic conspiracy theories about child molestation, but thinks Tapper isn’t being “classy” enough to him:


These are the people America voted into power.


Mike Flynn is Trump’s National Security Advisor, and his son and Chief of Staff is pushing the dumbest conspiracy theories possible while implying Jake Tapper and the mainstream media is complicit in the crimes. I fear for the future of the country.