Jake Tapper TORCHES TWO ‘Russia Today’ Journalists On Twitter!

A “reporter” from “Russia Today,” Putin’s media propaganda ministry, just discovered what happens when you try to go up unprepared against CNN’s Jake Tapper – you get torched.

It started when Tapper praised a Vietnam veteran and hero:

For some reason, Anya Parampil thought this was her opening to rip into American media:

That was a mistake:

It’s absolutely insane to believe the U.S. is still covering up what happened – especially coming from a reporter working for a Kremlin propaganda outlet!! And whatever you may think of a war, that doesn’t meant there aren’t heroes doing good things. It’s an absurdist standard of virtue made by someone who doesn’t have a good grasp of how logic works.

Jake Tapper ain’t takin’ none of that trash:

What’s funny about her response is that Tapper didn’t really make any added commentary about the irony – but she was offended anyway:

Dang Jake!!


This is in reference to Putin’s enemies being poisoned with polonium. Not a joke, not really disputed.

THEN ANOTHER RT reporter tags in!!!

BOOM!! Eviscerated!!!

See how it went from the object of coverage to… the geography of coverage? Who cares where he’s reporting from is he’s just pitching Kremlin-approved propaganda?

Notice – SHE went after Tapper and got torched. She’s the one who acted like a troll here.

Daaaang. Jake Tapper ain’t perfect, but don’t start a debate with the dude if you don’t got facts on your side. Or if you work as a Putin butt-kisser for his propaganda media operation.

[h/t @tahoebearrr]