Feminist Discovers Newfound Respect For Harassment of Women in The Age of Trump!

Shrieky hysterical feminist Jessica Valenti has discovered a new respect and support for the public harassment of women – as long as the targets are related to Donald Trump!

Jessica was able to shut down her feminist hysteria in favor for sexist misogyny because some embittered liberal was stupid enough to yell and scream at Ivanka Trump on a plane. The moron was ejected from the plane, and Jess applauded them for speaking stupid to power, or something.

I don’t know anyone who actually does this, but we won’t let facts get in the way of a bitter hysterical feminist rant, will we?!

Seriously, she’s speaking out of complete ignorance of the situation. That means that this person could have said anything at all, even the most obscene insult and threat, and Valenti would have supported it. Impressive lack of intellectual continuity, I have to admit. Frailty, thy name is Valenti.

You mean like how Obamacare ruined healthcare for millions? Like that? Oh, not like that. We don’t get to protest that. OK got it.

This woman has literally made a career out of infantilizing women from criticism. Lit-er-ally.

Ivanka’s kids were actually there!! Doesn’t matter to Valenti and her conditional feminism.

This really should have an asterisk:

*may be ignored when pointed at people you disagree with politically.

This is just like some liberals say that “people of color” philosophically cannot be racist against whites, because they aren’t empowered societally. In this case, you simply cannot be sexist or harass Ivanka Trump because Jessica hates her. Makes sense? No? Beat your head a couple of dozen times with a brick and you might get on Jessica Valenti’s intellectual level…