Liberals PROVE Pro-Lifers RIGHT While Attempting To Demonize Trump

I noticed a few weeks ago that a story went viral on the left-wing side of the aisle when people discovered that women were asking doctors for IUDs in droves after Trump’s election. The birth control device was being used in place of abortion, say these liberals, because women were scared that Trump might criminalize abortion.

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See how evil Trump is? He’s making women get IUDs!! What a MONSTER!!!

And in fact, some women even tweeted that the election made them get IUDs:

BUT… what VOX and other liberals ignore is that this proves something that pro-lifers and conservatives have been saying forever.

Children are being aborted simply out of convenience, and many of these pregnancies could have been prevented by women being more responsible (and men as well, of course). The evidence of this is that when their access to abortions is threatened, they suddenly discover that they can prevent pregnancies without an abortion! What a MIRACLE!!!

It’s telling that no one at VOX realized this – there is never any consideration for the personal responsibility behind abortions.

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