Tucker Carlson Says Liz Warren Would Have Beaten Trump

Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson made an odd admission during his interview with Hugh Hewitt – he says that he thinks Liz Warren would have beaten Trump and be president now if she had won the nomination.

Watch below at about the 2 minute mark:

After Hugh Hewitt kisses McConnell’s Obama by saying he was soooo brilliant for slapping down Elizabeth Warren (because he totally planned that), Tucker disagrees.

“I don’t know. I mean, I see your point, I think it’s a smart point, but I’d also bet money that if Elizabeth Warren had received the Democratic nomination, she’d be the president right now, because she is in line with what Democratic voters think. She has a worldview, she can articulate it, I don’t agree with it, but it’s, she’s not just an identity politics person, she’s got a consistent left-wing economic view that has a lot of support in the country.”

Er… you mean, Trump’s economic views? I mean, honestly her socialist anti-capitalist rhetoric sure does sound a lot like his populist anti-corporation anti-trade rhetoric. Maybe he has a point – had the far left socialist Warren run against Trump, she could have actually undercut his left-leaning socialist attacks on capitalism. So, that’s weird, huh?

I wonder if Tucker’s audience agree – or if the Donald does…