Here’s What Happens If You Search ‘Jews’ And #FireKushner

So the alt-right is all upset because Trump fired missiles at an airfield in Syria because they’re big Syrian airfield fans, I guess, and they’re demanding that el Presidente Trump fire his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

And they made #FireKushner trend.

But if you thought it was innocent political advocacy, all you have to do is add “jews” to your search of the hashtag:

Ah, well. I’m sure that’s the only one, right?


Oh. Well I’m sure it’s a yuge coincidence because everybody said they’re not *really* anti-semitic, how could they be?! They were voting for a guy whose son-in-law is Jewish!!! Oh wait. Right. #FireKushner.

They’re not even original:


This was a very early one with the hashtag:


It’s all one big yuge coincidence, I swear!!!

But I mean definitely absolutely do NOT do this search either:


And for real kicks, pick one of their screennames and search to see what they say about Putin:

No wonder they got all their knickers in a twist.

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